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Robert John-Michael Bowers ,three views, photographs


Robert John-Michael Bowers makes compelling and significant works of art.  He has done so for over 50 years and is still going strong.  His days are currently occupied with painting,  photographic works and sculpture.  His studios are in a 100-year-old building in Hamilton, Ontario where the freedom to be expansive is readily at hand and storage space is rapidly shrinking!

We will use this web space to poke around in his history, influences, exhibitions and ideas.  We think you might like it if we popped in a few images, maybe some writing by others and his views on various aspects of art, art-making and the nastiness and occasional good sides of the so-called  "art world".  You'll get the skinny on artist-run-spaces from the start.  He was there.  He might tell us about the artist he has met, wonderful people like Tom Martin and the places he has travelled to in search of understanding the possibilities of public art, especially his trip to  Romania during the hideous Ceausescu dictatorship to see, first hand, Brancusi's great public work in the small town of Tirgu Jiu.  He has promised to post a few pictures of that trip.  Maybe he will tell us his strange story about reading a beloved author, Kurt Vonnegut's "Time Quake", in a departure lounge at New York's Laguardia airport, all day and into the night,  shortly after 9/11.

Jan 28, 2020